General Informational API

Using Swagger & OpenAPI

As of December 2023, we started providing OpenAPI v3 schemas for all our APIs. These schemas document all our published API routes and describe the format of the HTTP request parameters we support for querying our API.

In addition to publishing the OpenAPI v3 schemas, we also now provide a Swagger User Interface which can be used to interactively support developers in making requests against the API.

To use this interface to help build and test API requests you will need to first authorise, by clicking the Authorize button in the user interface and providing your Username (your email, printed in the footer when logged in) and Password (your API key: also printed in the footer when logged in).

Note: These OpenAPI schemas do not describe a new API; they simply describe our existing API following the OpenAPI standards. This provides developers with extra tooling support such as our Swagger interface.

If you have any comments on or feedback regarding these additions, please contact us.

Using this API

Registration is not required to use this API and no Authorization header is required.

This API support the following Accept headers:

Response Format Accept Header
JSON application/json
JSON Default when no Accept header is provided

General Informational API

This API can be called by making an HTTP GET request to the API endpoint:
The body of the HTTP response will be a single JSON object containing the following fields:

Field Description Type Format
latestDate Date of most recent available certificate String YYYY-MM-DD
updatedDate Last date the site was updated String YYYY-MM-DD


More fields may be added in the future, but the listed fields will not be removed or changed in format. Please allow for such potential extensions when developing against this API.